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We have years of experience in cleaning commercial and residential windows in Rockingham, WA

We are a great team of local window cleaner, ready to make your life easier! Window cleaning is often seen as a hassle among all household chores. You might have been renting a flat and wanting to leave it spotless to get your bond back. Or you're living in Rockingham and your busy schedule doesn't include window cleaning. Lucky for you, we can help!

Commercial, industrial, retail, and residential window cleaning services. We clean all sizes and types, at any height! We also provide high pressure cleaning, building and facade wash-downs, solar panel cleaning, sign washing, mineral stain removal, glass restoration, window graffiti removal, glass shower screen restoration, cobweb prevention, glass protective coatings, window flyscreen repair and more.

Window Cleaning Rockingham are established and experienced home window cleaners in Rockingham that perform the job of washing commercial and house windows every day. They plan for every job and assign their best team according to the specific expertise needed. They are also well-equipped with the latest, most-advanced tools and technology to ensure each window is cleaned in a timely manner, expertly, efficiently and safely.


About our team


Our cleaning technicians have police clearance are fully insured and go through a screening process prior to employment. All our expert window cleaners are certified and experienced with a range of competencies.


Window Cleaning Rockingham's team is dedicated and service the entire city of Rockingham and its suburbs. They will wash your windows inside and out, remove cobwebs, wipe the sills and frames and leave your house nice and clean. Delivering a quality job every time.

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Residential Cleaning


Domestic Window Cleaning

We provide a high quality, guaranteed, professional window cleaning service, without the mess. We have the tools and equipment needed to reach hidden spots and areas which you may not have noticed during your regular cleaning. We go the extra mile by getting rid of those messy high cob webs, washing frames and cleaning flyscreens. We can also clean your shower screens, regular cleaning will prevent damage caused by hard water stains.


Post-Construction Window Cleaning

Construction workers are not generally trained to clean window panes and hardware properly either during or after the process of construction is completed. Our team of professional window cleaner will remove all construction debris from window frames, panes and track as well as clean any type of debris splatted on glass during the construction process such as silicone, stickers, paint, plaster, render and concrete marks without causing scratch or damage to the glass surfaces.


Apartment Window Cleaning

Clean, spotless windows can make apartments look more attractive. At Window Cleaning Rockingham, we know how to remove stubborn and tough stains, dirt marks and grime from windows, tracks, fly-screens, hardware, frames and even façades to achieve uniform cleanliness of all windows. Contact our team of experts today!


Hotel Window Cleaning

Most hotels have a large number of windows compared to other commercial buildings or establishments and it is essential to keep them clean, dirt-free and spotless to impress guests with impeccable maintenance and high cleaning standards. Window cleaning of hotels in Rockingham is a specialised task and demands handling by experts so that windows.

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Commercial Cleaning


Office and Shop Front Window Cleaning

Do first impressions count? Yes! Having your retail windows clean says volumes about your brand. Dirty windows in a store display can affect business as customers cannot properly see what is being sold. Dirty windows in an office can negatively impact the opinion of customers and employees and in a touristic place like Rockingham, this is very important. Our Rockingham retail window cleaning customers rely on us to keep their business sparkling, to save them time and make their best impression.


School and University Window Cleaning

School premises are generally kept very neat and tidy but the glass is one area that’s commonly neglected. It is important to keep windows and associated areas clean and spotless to enhance the overall look of the school. Keeping windows clean and dirt-free is a challenging task which can only be handled by professional window cleaners.
At Window Cleaning Rockingham, we guarantee a consistent, high quality, thorough cleaning job each and every time for impeccable results.


Showroom Window Cleaning

In a car dealership, windows grab the attention of visitors instantly because they will be looking through these panes at their favorite cars. Dirt or grime on your showroom windows can negatively impact business and future prospects.Window Cleaning Rockingham’s team are experts in showroom window cleaning as these window panes are taller and wider than other types of commercial establishments. We will make your showroom windows shine and sparkle. We will ensure that there are no stains or streaks left behind on the display windows so that customers have a clear view your products.


High Rise Window Cleaning

Our high rise cleaning experts use specialised equipment to access and clean the windows of tall buildings. Because window cleaning in high rise buildings can be a dangerous task without proper training, they are specially trained in the methods and techniques that are involved in the high rise cleaning process. Our high rise cleaning staff are used to cleaning the windows of hotels, resorts, shopping centres, and universities. They use products that remove hard water stains, salt residue, dust and pollen. The products they use do not leave streaks or soapy residue on the windows. We also offer interior window cleaning services for high rise buildings.

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Our Pricing Options

Our pricing options depend on the size of your home, we charge based on the square footage of your home.


Our standard
Residential Window Cleaning
package includes

✔ Cleaning Assessment
✔ Flyscreen Cleaning
✔ Window Sill Cleaning
✔ Window Track Cleaning
✔ Cobweb Removal


✔ Cleaning of Skylights
✔ Internal Glass Balustrades
✔ Shower Screens
✔ Pool Fencing
✔ Solar Panel and more.


Our standard
Commercial Window Cleaning
package includes

✔ Cleaning Assessment
✔ Flyscreen Cleaning
✔ Window Sill Cleaning
✔ Window Track Cleaning
✔ Cobweb Removal


✔ High-Rise Cleaning


We offer extras cleaning
please enquire
for more details.


Solar panels become dirty due to mineral deposits from rain, bird droppings, and other airborne pollutants and may lose up to 25% of their solar energy output.


Keep your signage shiny, they are your the visual representation of your business.

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Why hire a professional
window cleaner?

Let's face it, one of the primary reasons you would hire someone to do this job is because it's probably one you would like to avoid doing. Armed with a cloth and a bucket of soapy water you can spend several weekends of your precious spare time cleaning your windows. Hiring a window cleaner will, at minimum, give you your time back! However, a professional window cleaner is one who has finely developed their craft - leaving no streaks, no runs, and no mess. Hiring a professional window cleaner is your guarantee that they have the right tools to get the job done efficiently, and to a high standard.

How often should I have
my windows clean?

As a minimum, after an initial complete window clean (i.e. both interior and exterior) we recommend having the exterior of your windows cleaned every six months, the interior every twelve. Like a shower screen, your windows are susceptible to chemical etching from the minerals and pollutants in water (i.e. hard water staining). Regular cleaning will keep your windows looking cleaner, for longer, and maximise light and your view outside.

Are you insured and licensed
to do the work?

We are completely insured for Public Liability, Product Liability, and even for Pollution. In short you are covered should anything go wrong. We also carry personal insurance of various types. At present there are no licensing requirements to provide window cleaning services, although we are working with the Master Window Cleaners Association of Australia to ascertain the feasibility of lobbying for such a license. Until such time, we recommend you use only reputable window cleaning companies and service providers.

Can you clean our windows outside of our working hours or when I'm not home?

Yes, we sure can. We are flexible and can arrange to clean your windows at time that suits you, to make your life easier. We are happy to work around your schedule and clean when you aren't home. However, if you would like the internal windows cleaned, we will need to make arrangements for internal access to your property.

How long does post-construction
cleaning take?

Every property is different, as is the degree of debris on each window. At the time of your quote we will give you an estimate of the timeframe involved and the number(s) of window cleaning technicians required for the job. Generally speaking you should expect a post-construction clean to take up to twice as long as a regular window clean.

Can you still clean our windows
if it rains?

A light drizzle usually does not pose problems for us to clean your windows on the outside. However, climbing on ladders and roofs when it is raining is a safety hazard. In the case of heavy rain or ongoing drizzle we will need to re-schedule your window cleaning for a mutually convenient time.

Is high rise window cleaning safe?

Our employees are trained and experienced, and we follow all regulations and safety measures.
Have a look for yourself, watch the video below!

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